Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I do NOT "support our troops"

This video is sickening. Please invest 17:47 to watch this entire video. How can anyone think this is legitimate warfare?! Americans will reap what they have sown when our government turns on us, and our troops bring back this kind of "warfare" to the United States. God help us all! This video made me sick to my stomach, and at one point I started crying.

This kind of "urban warfare" is completely without dignity and without honor.


Dennis said...

I don't believe you can blanket all troops with things that some do. I'm very much in agreement with you on many things but I won't blanket the troops since I'm a United States Marine who is saved by grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. There are more like myself that shouldn't be thrown into a general statement like that.

Brett Adams said...

I have to agree with Dirty. I support our troops. I might not support what all of them do, but I support who they are and what they stand for.