Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BP Agent Gets Owned in Court (Pastor Anderson Trial Excerpt 1)

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Sharkattack1611 said...


I have just spent the last several hours reading your case and watching the videos...what a travesty!

I am a father of 12 children all born at home and all under 15 years of age. We are independent, fundamental baptists who moved to Idaho from Texas in 1997 to escape the tyranny we could see coming. I was naive. Idaho is just a couple decades from being just like "Reconstructed Texas" and soon the tyranny will visit us as well.

I surely miss the fellowship of a bible-believing, soul-winning church but most churches will not bother with those of us in the mountains. We couldn't get a good Pastor to stay here with chains. Seems that most Pastors are more interested in what they can get from the sheep than what they can give. (Isa 56: 10-11) Do not get me wrong, you cannot throw a stick and not hit some guy who claims to be a pastor in the head. There's a ton of them AND THEY COME WITH ANY NUMBER OF PERVERTED BIBLES and doctrines of devils.

Your battle with the BP was right on. No citizen is required to PROVE ANYTHING to their government! I do not know what the laws are in Arizona but while I was a cop in Oklahoma I would have arrested these BP agents. I will assume that the Arizona laws are repugnant to the uS constitution. Besides, why aren't they on the border?

My family will pray for y'all. Try to behave...they will really be watching you now.

Your brother,