Monday, January 11, 2010

2nd Sunday of 2010

Before I get into Sunday, on Wednesday (1/6/10), we had 31 in the service, 7 saved in the afternoon through door-knocking, and 4 people baptized after the service (3 from the door-knocking).

This Sunday our attendance was 44 in the morning service and 31 in the evening service. I preached on "The Doctrine of Baptisms" in the morning & "Changing the Meaning of Words" in the evening. Most of our church people went out soul-winning throughout the afternoon & we had 22 people saved total. Also, the 3 who got baptized on Wednesday night were back again this Sunday.

In the last week, I drove through 9 states: AZ, CA, AR, MS, AL, GA, TN, SC, NC. I drove about 2,575 miles. I slept in the car 2 nights and another night on a beanbag in an airport. What a crazy week!

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AngloAm said...

Be careful sleeping in your car.