Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sermon Correction - "The Local Church" preached 7/19/09am

Massachusetts Congressman Gerry Studds was the sodomite homosexual pedophile who was publicly censured for sodomizing minors.

Massachusetts Senator Barney Franks is also a sodomite homosexual but was not the one charged with these crimes.


MicMacLA said...

Pastor Anderson,

I recently heard excerpts of your sermon against homosexuals.

I am shocked and disgusted by how you have twisted the words of the bible in order to spew such hateful vitriol. Nothing that you said about gay people is true.

For example, gay men and women don't "recruit." It's absolutely not true. Ask anyone who is gay — not one of us had an experience where we were assaulted or raped, as you describe it.

How would that work? The way you see it, I grew up a decent, "normal" (i.e. straight) child, who then, with one good raping at a key moment by a predatorial "faggot," suddenly "goes gay"? The notion is so laughably ignorant of not only human nature, but also the facts of human sexuality as are understood by medical and psychological science. I find it astonishing that you would be so stupid as to believe this, and expect your congregation to as well.

The fact is, homosexuality is a natural and important part of the world's make-up. You may shudder to recognize it, but cultures that recognize this are healthy, balanced and work exceptionally better than those who criminalize or punish it as deviant behavor. What's unnatural and wrong... is wishing us dead.

According to your doctrine, 99% of the world is going to a "literal hell." Go ahead and believe that if it makes you feel better about yourselves. But instead of hating the rest of the world and launching attacks against people who are different from you, why not put effort into actually making the world a better place?

In other words, when you meet your maker, do you think He will be interested in the good that you did, or the noxious, monstrous, lying hate you spewed? TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR, Pastor. Look at those eyes of yours and see if you're not ashamed of yourself.

Incidentally, King James, the master-mind behind your coveted bible... WAS A GAY MAN!
As were a vast number of the scholars who worked on the translation.

That's a basic, undeniable truth.

Too bad your interpretation of what he wrote is so perverted. And please... to say that you follow every word of the bible... that's just dishonest. Nobody can, or should.

Try putting more love into the world, Pastor Anderson. The world that you are living in today — not some imagined after-life. It might not succeed in terrifying your congregation or raising you money, but I guarantee you, it will do your abscessed, shrunken soul some good.

M. MacLennan

Anonymous said...

His name is Barney Frank, dumbass. No "s."

Anonymous said...

"That which you do to the least of my brothers, that you do onto me."

So when you publicly slander and insult franks your publicly slandering and insulting Christ.

"Do onto others as you would have them do onto you."

Do you want to be publicly slandered and insulted for your sexual preference? You must!

Anonymous said...

Barney Frank was never arrested, charged, or indicted for pedophilia, or any other sex crime.

When you claimed otherwise on your recorded address, it was that you've printed it, it's called libel.

Either way, it's not only a crime, but a bald-faced lie, and a horrible smear.

As a happily married Christian missionary (who is married to a Christian missionary), I don't agree with Barney Frank's lifestyle choices. That said, spreading lies like you have is a dishonest and disgusting tactic. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I've contacted Barney Frank, and made him aware of your public comments on this. He has a right to know about these baseless accusations.

I doubt you'll allow this to be posted, but I do hope you read it.

God bless you and forgive you.

David John

Anonymous said...

It's "Frank" not "Franks," you uneducated bumpkin believer in silly mythological fairy tales.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you and your church. I am an embarassed Christian after listening to your rant aimed at gays.

Michael said...

Franks is a congressman, not a senator.

Anonymous said...


The Dude Abides said...

It's pretty much common knowledge that a significant percentage of preachers who rail against gays lead a double life "on the down low," like Ted Haggard.

Fisher said...

I heard your sermon on homosexuality and I just wanted to let you know that I was raped and molested when I was a very young boy by a people like you...A straight woman and a straight man. Should I recruit people like you in my life? Should I only hang out with people like those that have raped me? Should I go to church's that have "preachers or love" that sound sooo angry when they preach? You sound just like one of those closeted homosexuals that SCREAM hatred. You are a complete disgrace to people that can reproduce. I feel so sorry for your children who's father has such an anger problem and sounds like to me you are a control freak as well simply by listening to your voice.
God bless you and your sick following

Anonymous said...

how is it you call yourself a man of god but yet have hate in your heart for our president stating, mean thing and hoping his wife be left a widow and his children fatherless how dare you who give that right to inflict such judgment on another being how dare you call yourself a man god a follower if his word how dare you hypocrite

Anonymous said...

God gave us all REASON; use it! Hate will only destroy you. May God grant you wisdom.

Stuart said...

Why use only the King James version of the Bible?

Anonymous said...

Behavior like this is scaring more of God's children away than it's drawing. Anybody attending this church needs to repent and get out before it's too late. Christ taught us to forgive! He Himself said leave the flock behind and find the one stray sheep, but it seems as if your church is quicker to condemn. I'll pray for you to have your eyes opened!