Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Court Documents in PDF format

's and Court's Actions are in Red.

Attorney's Actions are in Blue.

PDF files:

4/16/09 Not Guilty Plea
4/17/09 2 Misdemeanor Complaints against Pastor Anderson
4/20/09 Pre-trial Conference is Scheduled
4/21/09 Rule 15.2 Disclosure
4/28/09 Motion to allow Pastor Anderson interstate travel
4/28/09 Prosecutor's request to DENY interstate travel (this is insane!)
4/29/09 Judge Romine grants interstate travel
5/7/09 Search Warrant
5/8/09 Rule 15 Interviews
5/20/09 Supplemental Disclosure
6/2/09 Officer Jones' version of the incident
6/2/09 Officer Mitchell's version of the incident (aka Mr. Smiley & Mr. Failure to Obey Me Right Now!)
6/16/09 Motion to Dismiss the Case with Prejudice
6/25/09 Judge Cora Romine Recuses herself (i.e. decides not to hear the case because of either personal bias or inability to be fair in this matter)
6/25/09 State's Response to Motion to Dismiss
6/29/09 Defendant's Reply to State's Response
6/30/09 Case Transferred to Judge Cooper
7/2/09 Objection to Change of Judge
7/20/09 Defense Puts Up No Objection to Prosecutor's Motion to Continue (i.e. delay)
7/23/09 Hearing is Continued (i.e. delayed)
7/30/09 Renewed Objection to Change of Judge
8/5/09 Motion to Change the Judge...AGAIN! Now the Prosecutor is Accusing the JUDGE of Legal Violations!!!!!!
8/5/09 Hearing to Change scheduled
8/7/09 Disclosure of Witnesses
8/7/09 Motion to Continue (delay) Trial
8/11/09 Hearing on Judging the Judge Rescheduled
8/13/09 Order to Vacate the Trial Dates

8/17/09 Demand for a Trial by Jury

More will be posted as the circus continues.


Heavenlybama said...

No matter what the Constitution says, you won't get a speedy trial. This will go on for about 2 yrs. and still may be delayed. It's a tactic to let time fog yours or anyone else's brain so the facts will be misconstrued. You are guilty until proven innocent Mr. Anderson.

shorrigan said...

I am very, very, confused about something. Why is this State Attorney even giving a crap about a Border Patrol case? He is arguing constitutional law about something the Federal Law enforcement did.

Plus, these are two low level misdemeanors, usually, at least where I live, the lowest level misdemeanors are assigned to the cub lawyers right out of law school and if there is any possible way that the prosecutor and judge can get out of prosecuting the case, they do it, especially if there are no priors.

And if the BP got a drug dog sniff hit on his car, they have probable cause to arrest Mr. Anderson for not complying. Why didn’t the BP arrest him? Why did they call the DPS, to do their dirty work? And why didn’t the DPS guys tell the BP to go F themselves. You, arrest him, Mr. BP agent.

This is what happens when there are no guidelines and no supervision. FUBAR.

Jim said...


Looks like you got a good case.

Jim said...


Looks like you got a good case.

N/A said...

Arizona law is different then other states.

Anonymous said...

Cops are dicks. They probably have some personal beef against this guy, district attorney included.