Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Arresting Officer in Pastor Anderson Abuse Case Running for Judge in Wellton!

Remember DPS Officer M. "Russ" Jones who was involved with the arrest, tasering, and abuse of Pastor Anderson at the Wellton Sector Border Patrol checkpoint last April? Well now he is running against Judge Cora Romine for Justice of the Peace in Wellton!

If Officer "Russ" Jones were to be elected as judge in Wellton, he would be the one deciding all future misdemeanor cases coming out of that checkpoint! How in the world could he be fair and impartial as a judge?!

This was the arresting officer who after 28 years as a DPS officer had to read Pastor Anderson's rights to him from a cue card and still jumbled them up! Apparently people's rights aren't very high on this man's list of important things for him to know as a police officer. He was also the officer who refused to let Pastor Anderson use a bathroom until he had asked over 10 times. He was also the officer who testified three times in court that he had twice ordered Pastor Anderson to move his vehicle. His testimony was proven false to the jury by the camcorder video recording.

Russ Jones is also one of the defendants listed in Pastor Anderson's lawsuit. He is being sued on 5 counts:

1. Wrongful Arrest and Imprisonment
2. Assault and Battery
3. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
4. Negligence and/or Gross Negligence
5. Deprivation of Civil Rights

From his Campaign Facebook Page:

- Honest
- Respectful
- Fair and Unbiased
- Patient
- Decisive

- Good communication skills
- Knowledge of the law
- Good Common Sense


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Americans are so stupid they will probably vote the creep in.

? said...

I don't think anyone will vote for him, but unfortunately the votes will be counted by means of "Jerry" the drug dog sniffing the ballots. In case you didn't know, Jerry is the county recorder for the town of Wellton.

sanderson1611 said...

That's right. His name is "Jerry C."

Anonymous said...

Note to self...start camcorder when being pulled over by a police officer. On the defense of police officers everywhere (my uncle is at Pennsylvania State Trooper) they do fight the good fight most of the time. Unfortunately most of what they deal with is not good and upright citizens. I know it seems they should error on the side of the innocent but many times they have to error on the side of caution.