Monday, July 19, 2010

29th Sunday of 2010

Another great Sunday! We had 48 in the morning service including 3 visitors from my personal door-to-door soul-winning on Thursday - Saturday and 1 repeat visitor from last week's soul-winning. In the morning service I preached a sermon called "Hypocrisy" from Matthew 23 and many other scriptures. As always we had a lot of people out soul-winning all afternoon with many people saved. Justin and I were in Central Phoenix knocking doors for 3.5 hours. I had 2 people saved in Spanish, and he had 4 people saved in English. What a receptive area!

In the evening service our attendance was a little down from usual with 31 in attendance. I preached a sermon called "Hell Hath Enlarged Herself" from Isaiah 5.

I can't wait for the camping trip this Thursday!

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