Saturday, July 04, 2009

Pastor Anderson Speaking at the Gilbert Arizona Tea Party


Swordmaster said...

This man is speaking truth, He is as much a hero as any soldier. We as our soldiers to lay down their life for this nation. it has come to the point now that we might have to lay down our lives also. he did and has past the test. What will we do???? Freedom!!!! Freedom!!! I am a member of the church of Christ and I preach freedom, and I also Vote freedom. We have alloud this nation, to Kill the Unborn, take prayer out of school, put doubt in the heart of our children concerning Jesus the Christ, through false science and now our freedom and the constitution is are under attack, what will you do????? Can you say Give me freedom or give me death???
Have you read the constitution??
Will you fight for your freedom like we ask our sons and daughter too??? Democrat or Republican, same party, they are selling us down the tube. Freedom is vast becoming a thing of the past. lets start a war against this present Government, not using bullets, or weapons of any kind, not killing our enimy, but we need to use our Voice, our Vote, and Our courage!!!!!!!! We can take our beloved country back. Peacefully, Our boices need to be raised in prayer to God, and in the public square, Our vote needs to be given to a party that will honestly fight for our freedom, and not brought by Holly Wood, and our courage, we need to stand against our Government in peaceful action, Jail, Media attacks, and our own lives. Pray Pray Pray, for the victory is only going to be achieved if God grants it. Above all lets convert our neighbor to Jesus, through the gospel of Christ.
in Christ

Nick said...

Pray and get counsel about possibly running for state legislature, then maybe someday for governor.

judy said...

My health is bad but my attitudes still rage forward. Had I been in this situation, I would have reacted exactly the same. The only difference is, I would not have gotten up again and nobody would know what had happened to me.
How many thousands, might be dying each day with no witness to what was done to them.
I realize this was not a good thing, that happened to you, but thank God it was you, young and healthy, who could live to tell the truth.
And the truth needs to be told. Again, thank God you had video and complete undeniable coverage of the entire scene. This was greatly needed.
While the governor hands out water to the illegals, they treat their own citizens like criminals with no cause.

judy said...

We need our own candidate for President. Someone we can start talking about right now. Someone we can use to push into the face of the Presidential desk to let them know, we are serious and just waiting for the day. Letting the White House know, we have geared up, standing behind this man and pushing him to the White House, in defiance of what's happening there today.

Find our candidate.