Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I received this email today from my cousin Amy Griffin

I am sending this email to document events leading to the termination of my job with Esi Technologies.

I received a voice mail from Tim Foley today (12-17-08) stating that he would be contesting my unemployment.

On 11-17-08 I received my last paycheck from ESI. It was wired into my account due to Tim stating that he closed the company account. I was supposed to have received this money on 11-14-08 for the pay period 10-25-08 thru 11-7-08.

On 11-28-08 I spoke with Tim wanting to know why I hadn't received my paycheck. He stated to me that there was no longer any work, and that I need to find another job. Even though I had been on call for the previous two weeks he stated he would not be paying me. The last week I actually was sent out on a job was the week ending 11-7-08. Since I was on an on call basis I didn't realize and was not told that I no longer had a job until the conversation I had with Tim on 11-28-08.

There was also another incident of money that was owed to me for work expenses. On 11-8-08 I received a check for $674.27 for work expenses. On 11-18-08 these funds were removed from my account due to a stop pay on the check. On 11-21-08 I received a replacement check for $638.27. This was not for the full amount owed due to Tim deducting an overnight fee, even though the error was his fault and the money was way overdue. He still had me pay for the overnight charge.

Even though I have not worked since the week ending 11-7-08 I did not start receiving my unemployment benefits until the week ending 12-12-08. This was due to the fact that I was not able to get my unemployment filed right away because I was not informed that I didn't have a job until I didn't receive my paycheck on 11-28-08.

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