Saturday, January 05, 2008

Watchnight Service

Our church had a watchnight service from 8 PM on Dec. 31st, 2007 to 12:01 AM Jan. 1st, 2008.

We started out by having song requests. Because this was an "informal" service, Pastor Anderson's daughter was free to roam the auditorium during the singing. Of course, she immediately crawled over to him, and then began songleading with him.

After the brief service, we did Sword drills: a reference is called out, and whoever can find it first in their Bible jumps out of their seat and reads the verse.

Next, we enjoyed some really great pizza, as well as chocolate fondue. After everyone was stuffed, we worked off the food through fierce competition by playing board games. It was equally fun and intense - almost everyone was highly competitive!

We ended the evening with the Lord's Supper and prayer. It was a great start to the new year for all who came.


Jasmine's Journey said...

I always get a kick out of seeing Pastor Steven holding his daughter. She is such a cutie. What a great way to bring in the new year by having a service.

Raani said...

I love the picture of Miriam helping lead the songs!